dole whip

Hi there! I’m Megan. I love to travel, and while I realize there is a great big world out there to explore, I always end up back on a Disney vacation! I have been lucky enough to travel on a Mediterranean (Disney) cruise, visit Iceland, and take a trip to Guatemala, but in between all these grand adventures are fun-filled vacations to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

When people ask me, “Why do you continue to go back?” I always tell them there is always something new to find at the parks. And it’s true! I’ve never had the same trip twice. I like to try out the new tours and restaurants each time I’m there, and sometimes there is a new ride or two to check out as well! The parks are constantly changing and evolving, so there is always something to look forward to.

While I can’t always be at the Land or the World, I like to keep my Disney fix by helping others plan their vacations as a Personal Vacation Advisor over at Magical Vacation Planner. This blog is to help me record all of the fantastic tips and magical experiences I’ve had over the years and share them with guests who are making their own visits to the Kingdoms! If you need help planning your trip, look no further! I can help you tailor your family’s Disney vacation to your very needs and desires. Visit the Contact page to starting planning today, and browse around this website for more information on how to make the most of your vacation.img_0292

When I’m not at Disney or working to plan Disney trips, I enjoy running, hanging out with my husband, drinking coffee, and taking pictures of my dog, Sadie.


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