Be prepared!

Scar-the-lion-king-31003130-500-281You should have sung-read that to the song Scar sings in The Lion King. I’ll get to the preparedness part in a minute, but first an overview of some workouts!

Well thank goodness for the World Cup, because there is no way I would have stayed on the bike that long today if it weren’t for Greece and Japan. I seriously hate the stationery bike, because I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. Literally. But in terms of a cardio besides running, it was the best option today. If only someone had scored during the game, I may have stayed on it longer! After my 35 minutes of biking, I did some ab workouts that are probably going to hurt tomorrow.

Yesterday I thought my speed workout went really well. I ran around the indoor track, which is 0.1 mile around once. I did 10 sets of 3 laps: my first lap was a slow jog. The second was a steady run, probably around a 9:45 pace. The last lap I tried to run what was just shy of a sprint. I didn’t take breaks between sets, so that first lap was always kind of a recovery, and if I’m being honest, it probably looked like a limping jog towards the end. But I didn’t stop, and that’s what I’m proud of! If you didn’t already do the math, it ended up being 3 miles total.

So now in reference to the title of this blog, something I have learned this week (actually more like relearned) is the benefits of preparing meals ahead of time. As much as I love to cook, I also love to just be lazy and resort to eating cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But that’s not always healthy. Last night I got myself up and made a thing of pasta with ground turkey, sauce, and vegetables, which made enough for probably three servings. I also boiled some chicken that I was able to throw on some salad today at lunch, along with some extra veggies I didn’t use for the pasta that were already cut up.

Talk about saving time! It was so nice to have a good meal and only have to take a couple minutes to heat it up in the microwave or throw a few things in a bowl; and it didn’t involve cereal! I hope I can get in the habit of doing this more often, because it will make preparing healthy meals a lot easier!