I love you more than coffee (but please don’t make me prove it)

I have a love-hate relationship with many things. Packing for vacation, Christmas music before Thanksgiving, the movie Frozen… but I think the biggest love-hate relationship of all is that of one with coffee.





My rich, versatile, caffeine-infused coffee.

I have a real problem. Well, my roommate might call it a problem. But she only knows of the love relationship I have with coffee. This, usually, is not of huge concern with me. Coffee is great! I don’t understand how some people genuinely do not like the taste of it. You can add as much giphysugar and milk as you want to practically alter the original taste, and you can still call it a cup-a-joe. You can have it hot, cold, in the form of lattes or ice cream, or even eat chocolate covered espresso beans for goodness sake! How many other drinks can you do that with? Don’t say alcohol, that’s cheating.

So now you’re saying, “Wait, Megan, coffee sounds amazing! How on earth is loving this wonderful drink a problem?” Well, let’s start off with the amount of caffeine I am inadvertently putting into my body. Yes, I do benefit from the extra boost in the mornings, but if I try and go one day without my brown elixir, I will wind up with a pounding headache for an entire day from the lack of caffeine. The caffeine also can cause dehydration, if one doesn’t drink enough water. Plus, if it’s being drunk in latte or mocha form, I’m of course adding unnecessary sugars and calories to my diet as well.

I still like to believe that coffee has a lot of benefits for you, too. Many times I have reread this article on Runner’s World to make myself feel better about my coffee consumption. It does provide energy, antioxidants, and it literally makes me happy!

So why not suffer from caffeine-induced headaches for the rest of my life? Because I hate them and I don’t want to deal with it, duh. And I really shouldn’t be that addicted, anyways. Life with coffee is all about balance (as is life with many other things, but more on that later). I can enjoy a cup in the morning, and that should be enough to tie me over.

But even now, I sit writing this in the bistro of my college library not just to enjoy my warm beverage, but to listen to the sounds of a coffee pot dripping and the smell of espresso wafting through the air. And it’s comforting. Some of my favorite moments in life involve a cup of coffee. Holding a warm mug as I read my Bible on a rainy day, waking up on Christmas morning to my dad brewing a pot for us to enjoy while opening presents, or meeting friends at a local café to catch up on life. Coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s part of an experience, something that can bring people together. And how can you not love that?

It’s just those dang headaches.