Little changes, big difference

Happy Tuesday!

photo 3

I wanted to share the first healthy recipe that wasn’t my own that I tried for dinner today, which was a flour free breakfast pancake. I found the recipe at fANNEtastic food’s blog, and you can find the link for it here! I went for it today because I had most of the ingredients and was in the mood for something new. I topped it with some Greek yogurt and blueberries. It looked kinda gross when it was cooking, and I had to improvise with some oats instead of flaxseed grounds, but it still tasted so yummy!

I can’t believe how much more energy I feel like I have since last week. I’ve tried eating less at meals instead of eating until I felt full, and it still feels like I’m getting enough, and I’m not starving myself the entire day. I’ve also cut back on the in-between meals snacks, and I realized that I’m really only eating them because I’m bored. Whenever I turn to go get something quick, I just drink some water instead and see if that curbs the need first.

When I began running on a regular basis last week I had also tried giving up caffeine at the same time. At first it was hard. Really hard. Like going-to-bed-at-7-pm hard. I was so tired. But after keeping up with it (and just two coffees since last Tuesday! It’s a big accomplishment, I promise), I feel like I don’t need to rely on caffeine in the morning to get me through the day. Now the exercise is actually training my body to need less sleep! Getting a routine down and my body used to the work and a few diet changes has really helped me to stop hitting that wall of exhaustion around 5:00 everyday. I am excited to see what more workouts and healthy eating will do for me!